The Career of Alexander Motte

August 31, 2016
Though he’s had a career so far that many would consider enviable, Alexander Motte feels like he’s just gotten started and there is so much more to do. It started after he earned his Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at Dauphine University in Paris and then went to work as a trader for HSBC and Natixis for a while. He soon left to become a full-time entrepreneur, but he does believe that experience paved the way for his future business efforts. He has been very successful, starting a number of e-commerce businesses, culminating in his position as a co-founder of and executive for IronWeb, which has transformed into what is currently the largest European e-commerce group based on recurring business models.

Clearly, given the record, Alexander Motte has the skills necessary to create, develop and manage nearly any new business venture, especially when it comes to the field of e-commerce. Since co-founding and leading IronWeb, Alexander has been able to translate his many skills into leadership that has transformed into a phenomenally successful e-commerce business model and one of the biggest successes in Europe.